Sectional Week

right-here-right-nowThe Junior Varsity team concluded its season Saturday with a great performance.  15 of the 20 swims were season best times.  That sets a great tone leading into this week.

We have 11 that are going to swim at Sectionals.

This is a reminder that taper does not mean the void of fast stuff.  It does mean a reduction of yardage. It also means that you need to take care of yourself also.  More sleep.  More water.

You may have more energy at practice.  You may have a day where you feel sluggish at practice.  This is all part of the taper process.

Practice will be a little shorter in length as the week goes on. There will be a team dinner on Friday.  Practice will start each day at 5PM.


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One Response to Sectional Week

  1. Michael Wells says:

    Best of luck to all the swimmers! Do you know how I can pick up the t-shirt I ordered? I think I have to go to the place and they will let me know when to come? Thank you and have fun, Julie >

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